Founder Laura Padbury

Laura Padbury, the Founder, has a professional background of working for London-based private members clubs and exclusive golf clubs within the Sussex area. This experience sparked the concept of forming The Social Varsity Club, a private members club and community for those with a passion for sports, which would not be limited to one sport, clubhouse, or location and offer a broader platform to engage and network.

Sporty, social and professional lifestyle – Platinum Membership

Working within the exclusive private members club industry enabled me to appreciate the sense of identity, belonging, and assurance members feel when joining any private members club. The social, professional and lifestyle benefits that follow from this have helped members form great partnerships and communities. All private clubs and exclusive networks should be offering this to their membership base.

The Social Varsity Club Platinum is designed for those wanting to participate in a variety of sports and activities whilst wanting to experience them within more diverse settings and locations, yet still wanting to feel the same sense of familiarity, community and belonging anyone would feel when visiting their local sports team, health and lifestyle spa, country club or any private members-only community.

Our Platinum members are those with very little free time in their busy schedules to join a new Club unless there is confidence in knowing it would be worthwhile in terms of the quality of the fellow members and connections they will create, the locations and venues of the Club’s events and experiences that will be taking place and the brands and people with partner with.

Getting the best from The Social Varsity Club Platinum membership

The Club will always work with our Platinum members to ensure they are getting the best from their membership in terms of member-to-member introductions arranged by the club, hand-selecting members for curated Club events and experiences.

The Social Varsity Club encourages diversity and does not adopt the traditional ‘snobbery’ associated with other private members-only clubs, such as knowing an already existing member or having family connections to the Club. Whilst being an inclusive club with an open platform, we are selective of whom we accept as members. Platinum Memberships are only ever offered upon successful application or special invitation.

The Social Varsity Club Patreon page is a private community platform for curated sports content and exclusive discounts and offers for members with sports, health and lifestyle brands


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