Club Events & Experiences – The Social Varsity Club work with the best industry contacts and providers for our club events and experiences. 

We understand not only is it the quality of our membership base but equally the quality of the clubs’ experiences and events that give The Social Varsity Club the edge.

Hospitality experiences & UK events

The Social Varsity Club will be working with industry experts within the sports hospitality industry. Whether it is Rugby at Twickenham Stadium, Polo at Cowdray or Stoke Park Tennis – the club will work with industry experts to provide the best hospitality packages for our members to attend as well as some of the best UK venues and resorts to enjoy club events and short breaks.

Golfing in the UK

The club will work with the best golfing contacts within the UK. Seasoned golfers can enjoy playing on some of the most renowned 18-hole courses they may not have visited before, while members new to the sport will have the opportunity to be coached via online platforms and in-person with the option to play 9-holes as well as enjoy some world-class driving ranges.

Skiing in Europe

Experience the very best ski resorts and experiences that Europe has to offer. Not only will our members have the chance to hit the slopes if already a seasoned skier, members will have the opportunity to enhance or be introduced to the winter sport with professional coaching and nursery slopes. Our club skiing experiences will provide top class facilities catering for all abilities. Apres ski will be available for members to all unite and engage after a day skiing.

Watersports in the UK

The club will work with exceptional watersports providers within the UK, whether is SUP, jet skiing, surfing, beach volleyball and more. All Club events and experiences will provide a backdrop for socialising, and networking and include a mixture of relational activities as well as more adrenalin-fueled.

Tennis and racquet sports in UK

Enjoy a game, set and match of tennis with other club members at luxury clubs and courts in the UK. Always playing in a friendly competitive style with a focus on enjoyment and member to member engagement. The Club will also be working closely with Padel locations within the UK for those wishing to experiment with the Sport which has proved popular all over Europe.

Club members with different ability levels are encouraged to attend all club events and travel experiences as there will be a focus on socialising and friendly in-house tournaments. Each club experience will provide an opportunity for members to enjoy sports in a relaxed setting and backdrop.

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