The Social Varsity Club’s membership base

The Social Varsity Club attracts distinguished members who share passions and interests in sports whilst wishing to enhance their professional and personal network. Above all else, this club is for social engagement, networking and harnessing a sporting and distinguished community. Making Varsity with our Platinum membership is not about having Olympic prowess in sports, the Club’s Platinum membership base is discerning individuals who wish to socialise with other like-minded members, enjoying luxury Club events within a sporting backdrop.

The Club are discretionary and welcoming to all new Platinum membership applications while ensuring the quality of our club community is preserved. 

Make Varsity? 

We welcome applications from prospective new members. Please get in touch via our enquiry form or apply online and/or Patreon for Basic subscription.

The Social Varsity Club Patreon page is a private community platform for curated sports content and exclusive discounts and offers for members with sports, health and lifestyle brands


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